Collection: Brooches

Everything begins in the modeling workshop, where I sculpt original creations in plaster. Time-consuming effort and delicate work are necessary to perfect these forms. This is followed by the creation of production moulds, which are produced in plaster from the original models. The liquid clay flows evenly over the walls of the mould and dries.

The "degourdi" firing, the porcelain undergoes its first firing at approximately 950°C. The "Grand Feu", the second firing lasts for about 24 hours at a final temperature of 1,400°C and produces physical changes that allow the liquid gold to fuse with the porcelain body.

Continuing to reinvent the soul of the material by transmitting an ancestral know-how in Limoges Porcelain. The craftsmanship have managed to preserve, transmit and keep the craft alive by combining tradition and modernity.