Photography by: Gabriel Gómez


Since graduating from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Warchausky has enjoyed experimenting with unconventional materials to create fine-fashion jewelry. Architect, Landscape Designer and Jeweler, notorious for her sculptural jewelry, her lines are clean and modern, strong in scale and materials. Boundaries between art and jewelry are blurred in pieces modeled as micro-sculptures.

Venezuelan with Russian and Lebanese parents, who both fled their countries to be free from wars and religious laws, Nayibe is truly a global citizen and a third culture child. Behind her designs we can see the influence of her cultural baggage and of every corner of the world she has lived in.

As an Architect, a foundation that is present throughout her work; inspiration is rooted in re-envisioning aesthetic concept of the constructivist architectural movement to create optical, dynamic and three-dimensional facets.

Passionate about give new value to the crystal and porcelain, making it luxurious, voluptuous and seductive with a timeless aesthetic. Vehicle to capture light, energy, and fragility. Always exploring characteristics and expressions of materials to create dream objects. Sculptural pieces, giving privilege to the form and highlighting the power of the matter. ‘Conceptual Architectural Jewelry’.

Each Crystal Ring embellished with 18k gold parts, meticulously handcast and carved by award-winning sculptors on the island of Murano, Venetian masters that combine millenary techniques inherited from the region's glass families with modern technology.

Sculptural Ear Sets, in Limoges white porcelain with 24k liquid gold, are carefully handmade in France. High level detailed pieces by talented local artisans, maintaining this position since 19th century as the premier pure white decorative porcelain.

Quality of craftsmanship and being precise in detailing is her singular, searching journey; the utmost attention is given to impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite detailing.

Aware of the industry’s responsibility and impact on the environment, the brand uses Recycled-Noble&Natural materials to make the pieces, working alongside Local Community with Fair&Square concept. Hand-Made and Multicultural Heritage bases. Sustainable Fine Jewelry.

Nayibe’s creations have been recognized by some publications as Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel, Flair, Madame, Vicenza Jewellery, Ocean Drive. The designer debuted in New York Fashion Week together with Custo Barcelona, for whom she developed a series of exclusive pieces. Warchausky was selected by Artistar Jewels and invited to exhibit her work during Milan Fashion Week 2019 at Palazzo Bovara. In addition, she was the winner of the Gemologue Prize, given by jewelry expert Liza Urla. She has been published in WorldEnciclopedy Jewelry Book for her unique pieces and processes. Nayibe releases her collections in Milan Jewelry Week and Paris Fashion Week.

Nayibe Warchausky has been invited to be part of XIIIth Florence Biennale 2021.