Photography by: Rafael Franceschi


In the quest of modernism and the study of forms, architect and jewelry designer Nayibe Warchausky has built a powerful, audacious and overpowering brand. She constanlty explores vigorous volumes, challenging lines and their the symmetry, precision, and boldness in the polydimensional cuts that her rings are known for.

By the use of legitimate Murano Crystals and 18k Gold, the designer creates an expression that knows no boundaries between art and fashion. Her avant-garde proposal enshrines the Murano glass as a prominent material that turns into luxury due to its modern cure in the construction of the jewel. Her interest pursues a superb design, which is impeccably developed.

Nayibe Warchausky is a global woman, a citizen of the world. She is an architect with a master’s degree in Jewelry Design from Instituto Europeo di Design in Milano, Italy. Her inspiration comes from the blend of multicultural influences from the cities where she has lived as well as her discoveries on the every day journey she endures. Her life and travels have allowed her to capture the heartbeat of different cultures translating them into powerful and beautiful jewelry pieces. Each ring is handmade and the craftsmanship within each piece makes them unique and special. Nothing like this has ever been done before, which grants her pieces an novelty feel to them.

Her designs are macro formatted rings in geometrical, sinuous and angular silhouettes. She uses different settings, exact dimensions and compositions using transparency, hues,  tones and color.  The final result is an awesome visual captivity that with light changes the perception of the ring. Her designs evaluate scales, volumes and proportions, and they achieve shapes of great strength and robustness. Russian Constructivism is heavily marked in her designs due to her Russian roots. Her jewels are absolutely architectural, modeled as micro-sculptures, that have optical and tridimensional facets, all elaborated by means of the highest and most modern technology regarding fusion and crystal cutting.

Her brand is now  celebrating its 10th year anniversary. Nayibe Warchausky has owned Murano crystal as her prime design material and this has led her to explore it in unlimited possibilities. One of her greatest achievements has been the exaltation and sublimation of the glass, and to give it a new value by turning it luxurious, voluptuous and seductive. Her rings are fused and sculpted in Italy from the millenary wisdom, inherited by the best Venetian glassmaking families. Its daring concept expresses the contemporary opulence for a rational, cosmopolitan and hedonist woman whose greatest vanity is to discover the world.