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Synthetic Geometry Table

Warchausky's inspiration is rooted in re-imagining pure lines and geometric shapes, in constructivism, cubism and futurism, creating optical and three-dimensional facets. Her trajectory has led her to adopt an evolved vision of how we perceive jewelry, which gave way to her emerging vision of “Home Jewelry”: objects of desire whose processes imply rethinking functional design outside of industrial excess, with mathematical and architectural processes, evaluated and measured.

Erected from geometric, sinuous and angular silhouettes that create a wonderful visual challenge, "Synthetic Geometry Table" is modeled as a sculpture, imprint of Warchausky, whose designs evaluate scales, volumes and proportions to achieve forms of great strength and robustness in a pure and daring line proposal.

ID: 07/0701947
Colored wood, metal,
cristallized glass.
210W x 120D x 76H cm.