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Pelvis White

Sculptural Brooches made in Limoges white porcelain with 24k liquid yellow gold. These are highly detailed pieces handcrafted in France by talented local artisans, whose craftsmanship guarantees to maintain the material’s position as the premier pure white decorative porcelain since the 19th century. ‘Conceptual Architectural Jewelry’, as an elevation of non-precious materials by combining them with the precious ones in order to create contemporary pieces that challenge the traditional concept of value, and raises questions of reinvention, recycling and sustainability.

Looking for distinctive and atemporal design jewels. Passionate about sculptural and elegant shapes.

Limoges White Porcelain.
Closure: Pierced Clip.
Measurements: 14,00 cm length x 6,00 cm width.
Weight: 40,00 grs approx.
Packaging: 40,00 grs approx.
Made in France.