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Pure Occhio - CC501

Crystal rings, cast in Italy by Venetian masters. Each piece is meticulously cast and carved by award-winning sculptors on the island of Murano, using millenary tech- niques inherited from the region’s glass families in combination with modern technology. Pieces are embellished with attaches in 18k italian gold and precious stones such as diamonds and amethysts.

Their designs are inspired in a revitalization of the aesthetic concept of the construc- tivist architectural movement, creating optical, dynamic and three-dimensional facets. Warchausky aims to give new value to the crystal, making it luxurious, voluptuous and seductive with a timeless aesthetic.

Designed in Venezuela and manufactured individually in the island of Murano and in Paris , with local families who translate into the jewels hundreds of years of manual traditions, as well as the passion and the artistry of the finest craftsmanship.